Linda Cleveland Featured in Frederick News-Post Front Page Article

Antietam Travel Service Manager Linda Cleveland was featured in a front-page article of the Frederick News-Post on November 26, 2018. The full article can be found here.

Linda Cleveland

Linda Cleveland inside the Antietam Travel Service office

From the article by CJ Fairfield, © 2018 The Frederick News-Post:

Linda Cleveland, manager of Antietam Travel in Frederick, agreed with AAA’s survey [stating that “roughly 75 percent of Americans would consider working with a travel agent to plan their vacation and about 27 million plan to do so within the next year. About half of Americans also said that working with a travel agency would ensure a smooth experience for a more complicated trip that includes different tours and activities.”] and said more people utilizing travel agencies is due to certain downfalls with the internet.

“The internet is so confusing and [people are] not sure what they’re dealing with,” she said. “They want, with us, the personal service and the experience and [they want to] know who they’re turning their business over to. I think that’s the most important part right now, is to know who you’re dealing with for that trip that they’re planning.”

She, too, found that millennials are turning to Antietam Travel.

“Millennials are planning more short trips,” she said. “And they want to do lots of trips along the way. But if they want to do anything extensive, or particularly international, they’re using travel agents.”

Although travelers can book easy trips and airline flights online, anything with cruises, tours and flying in and out of multiple cities can get very complicated and stressful when done over the internet.

“When you’re piecing everything together bit-by-bit, hotel-by-hotel, air-by-air, city-by-city, that is when you need the experience of a travel agent,” she said. “It’s not so easy to do on your own.”

And she said with millennials, they want experiences that offer different tours and trips that cater to their interest.

Staff photo by Dan Gross, © 2018 The Frederick News-Post

Antietam Travel Service (ATS) merged with WorldTravelService® (WTS) on December 11, 2017. WTS is the largest independently owned travel agency in the Mid-Atlantic States, with eight branch offices in DC, Maryland, and Virginia. The entire ATS staff stayed with the new company.

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